These are my last experiences, you can aslo find me on LinkedInlinkedin-icon or download CV in PDF

I am currently animator senior at   Framestore – Montréal

2016 – 2018

Framestore, Montréal,  “Mowgli” Film, Lead animator
Framestore, Montréal,  “Paddington 2” Film, Animator senior
Framestore, Montréal,  “Fantastic Beasts” Film, Animator senior


MPC, Montréal,  “X-Men, Apocalypse” Film, Lead animator
MPC, Montréal,  “Fantastic 4” Film, Animator senior
MPC, Montréal,  “Tarzan” Film, Animator senior


MPC, London “Exodus, Gods and Kings” Feature film, Animator
Chez Eddy, Paris “Carefree” Advertising, Animator


MPC, London “300, Rise of an Empire” Feature film, Animator
                        “Percy Jackson: Sea of monsters”  Feature film, Animator
 Feature film, Animator
The Mill, London “47 Ronin”  Feature film, Animator
                            “Ice Age Giants” BBC documentary, Animator


The Mill, London “Dr Who, Season 7” Tv series, Animator
                            “Sinbad” – UK TV series Season 1, Animator
                            “Honda – Leap” – Advertising, Animation
Chez Eddy, Paris “Télé Z – Mentalist”, Animator
                             “Kellogg’s – Coco Pop’s Oofball”, Animator

The Mill, London  “Primeval” Seasons 4 & 5 – UK TV series, Animator
                            “Dr Who” – Season 7, UK TV series, Animator
                            “Merlin” – UK TV series, Animator
                            “Sinbad” -UK TV series Season 1, Animator
                            “Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back” – Bioware’s Game  trailer, Animator
                            “Prototype 2” – Activision’s Game trailer, Animator


The Mill, London  “Primeval” Seasons 4 & 5 – UK TV series, Animator
Chez Eddy, Paris, “Driver San Fancisco” – Ubisoft Game trailer, Animator
Glasswoks, London “Churchill Insurance” Advertising, Animator
Glassworks, Amsterdam “Foxy Bingo”, Advertising – Compositing


Europacorp, Paris “A Monster in Paris”, Animated feature movie, Props Rigging
The Mill “Merlin” – UK TV series, Animator


2006-2009 Artfx, Animation and VFX School, France
Laguages: French & English

You can find more informations about all those projects here